Dr. Laatsch

Dr. Laatsch is recognized both as a National Board Clinical Counselor and therapist (NCC), and a licensed mental health counselor with the State of Florida Department of Health (LMHC).

Dr. Laatsch takes an active role in the development and implementation of new research to provide the highest level professional excellence in his clinical mental health practice.

Dr. Laatsch provides training for colleagues on current research allowing them to enhance their clinical skills. He serves as a graduate professor for Liberty University, is an active leader with the American Counseling Association(ACA), the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC), state convention speaker for the Florida School Counselors Association (FSCA), and is the current president of Hillsborough School Counselors Association (HSCA).

Dr. Laatsch has more than 20 years of specialized experience in providing the highest level of excellence in clinical therapy for children, adolescents and adults helping them achieve a positive balance of emotional, social, and physical health for complete wellness.